Turning Point (Manchester)

Mission Statement


Turning Point is a leading health and social care organisation. We provide specialist and integrated services for people with complex needs, including those affected by drug and alcohol misuse, mental health problems, unemployment and those with a learning disability.

The Exchange, 3 New York Street, Manchester
Post Code: 
M1 4HN
0161 238 5100
0161 238 510
Points of Referral


  • Social workers 
  • CMHT's
  • Prison services
  • Self 
  • GP’s
  • A&E
  • Friends and family
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Housing providers
Care Continuum / Points of Operation
Specialist Hospital Services >>>> Secondary & Primary Care >>>> Community Care >>>> Self Care >>>> Prevention
Ensuring compliance with medicationDrug & alcohol abuse rehabilitationSupport planning, re-housing and accessing benefitsAdvocacy, support with legal issues and debt managementPeople living in own homes - healthy eating, exercise etcAccess to training/voluntary workDeveloping/repairing relationships with friends & family
physiological support/therapies to service users in independent hospitals physiological support/therapies to service users in residential accomodationTraining delivered to fire and police servicesTherapeutic group work and care planningService user involvementParenting skillsWellness plans
Mental Health recovery modelRisk assessment and managementComputer and cooking coursesSocial inclusion
One to one supportRe-housing and accessing benefits
Public Health Priorities Addressed by the Organisation


Obesity & Cardiovascular
BMI checks, weight checks, diabetes awareness, health passes, sign posting through support accommodation
Mental Health
Specialist support
Alcohol & Drugs
Specialist support, rehab and detox
Smoking (Behaviour Change)
Introduction to smoking cessation
Sign post to providers, access to IT computer courses, moving people into volunteering/employment.
Sexual health
Promotion of screening,
Supported housing tenancy support

Examples of Impact


• Savings on mental health
• Re-integrating people back into the community
• Reduction in offending and anti social behaviour
• (Moss Lane East) Saving money by freeing hospital beds for people on delayed discharge in the city of Manchester
• Wilbraham Road is a move on service and 6 out of 11 service users have moved into private rented accommodation between Oct 2010 and May 2011.
• MH bed per day saving £300